iTranslate Translator App Reviews

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Good app !

Easy to understand.

Juste what I need as a translator

It is the perfect apps for me to translate in any language I need as Im traveling world wide. Easy to use and answers are quick on the screen.

Very good app

The app is very good, easy to use and the translations are pretty good.


Best translate ever

Muito Bom!

Very good! Its Amazing! Thanks!


Bom aplicativo.


Very helpful app especially when youre living in a cosmopolitan city.




the best translate app i know

It is a very nice translator. I love it. I can only recommend it.

Sehr schöner Übersetzer! Den kann man nur empfehlen.


Fabulous App, always the right translation.

Brings the world to my ears

I live in the midst of several languages. Its a choice. I love cultural diversity and the different musics that languages offer, each with its own distinct instrument, color and tune. I think I have an ear for languages but, without iTranslate, frankly Id be lost. I use the app several times a day. Great app. World music!

Very useful

Does exactly what its supposed to do :)


User friendly. Love it.

Very good app

Easy to use, can translate from English to French, or French to English. I havent tried other languages, but can see there is the ability to do this as well.

Rip off

Sneaky Update takes away paid for features and then trys to upsell costly subscription to get them back

Excellent. Comes in handy!

This app has come in handy on many occasions. Great thing to have while travelling in or through Europe, and even for quick look ups day to day. Only thing I would suggest is to keep adding more words to it because some are missing. Let people know how to send you words that need to be added.

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Works one time in ten.

Good App

Works well and easy to configure


Does its best for a free app. Havent been disappointed yet

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